What is Elliptical Head?

The elliptical head consists of rotating elliptic sphere and cylindrical straight section. The function one is to seal up the ends of pipes by welding, the other is each end of the top and bottom has a head with the straight section in the middle so the pressure vessel can be used as a pressure vessel tank.The head with the ratio of long axis and short axis of rotating elliptic spherical generatrix is 2:1 is called the standard elliptical head . The mechanical performance of elliptical head is next only to the hemispherical head, but better than dished head. Because the depth of the elliptical head,difficulty of processing and the requirements for stamping equipment  lies between the hemispherical head and dished headeasier than hemispherical head and harder than dished head. In recent years, it is convenient for manufacturing large diameter elliptical head because of the spinning manufacturing process. Ellipsoidal head is widely used in medium-low-pressure vessels due to good comprehensive performance.


Elliptical Head is a kind of boiler components in pressure vessel. Local heating of the pipe by medium frequency induction heating while the pipe s bending by mechanical driving . various specifications of the pipes can be heated and the maximum power is 120KW. With these features: fast heating, adjustable power, good starting performance, stable performance, small footprint, and easy operation and maintenance etc. Elliptical Head is a kind of component in pressure vessel. According to the different shapes can be divided into: spherical head ,elliptical head, dished head, spherical crown head, conical headand flat head etc. Among them, spherical Head, elliptical head, dished head, and spherical crown head collectively referred to as convex head .It is used in various pressure vessels such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reaction vessels, boilers and separation equipment etc.


The implementation standards of elliptical Head include GB/ t25198-2010, etc.and the elliptical head is an indispensable and important parts in the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical, atomic energy, food and pharmaceutical industries.As an end cap and major pressure-containing member of the pressure vessel.The quality of the elliptical head concerns the long term safe reliable operation of the pressure vessel directly.


(1)The calculated thickness was calculated by various formulas. The thickness required for other loads should be taken into account if necessary.

(2)Design thickness ad is the sum of calculated thickness and corrosion allowance C1

(3)Nominal thickness n is the thickness marked on the drawings

(4)Nominal thickness subtracts  the corrosion allowance C2 and steel thickness minus tolerance C1 is effective thickness.

(5)Feed thickness (blank thickness). According to Chapter 10 of GB150---1998 and the Various thickness relationships: s=+C1+C2+1 (First designed thickness round value)+C3 (Working thickness reduction)+(Second manufacturing thickness round value)