Founded in 2000, Dingjin General Machinery Co., Ltd., specialized in the production of dish heads and pressure Vessel plates,covering 74, 000 square meters which located in the beautiful costal city Dalian. The registered capital is $ 3, 065, 000, total assets are $2, 857, 000.
We Possessed 3 sets of spinning units made in Germany, self-made DF10050,DF 2220 and MD21/5030. It can form different shapes and specifications of dish heads with integral technology ranging from Φ325*Thk 8 to Φ10000*Thk50. Dingjin possesses 7 sets of hydraulic presses, 2 sets are of 1000 tonnage, 1 set is of 2000 tonnage, 1 set is of 8000 tonnage, 1 set is of 16000 tonnage which are dual action made by us. The rest 2000 tonnage and 630 tonnage dual action hydraulic presses were purchased in China. We possesses complete matching equipment, involving 7 sets of heat furnace, 28 sets of crane (The maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons). Processing size of Dish head(end): the max size with integral spinning technology is Φ10000*50mm; the max size with integral stamping technology is Φ6000*400mm; There is no limitation for diameter when made the dish head (end)with many petals, the maximum thickness could be up to 300mm.


Dingjin has fabricated vessel heads with following special types by far: Flanged oblique conical head, flanged smaller edge of conical head, flanged horn head, vessel head for furnace, cap type vessel head, stern type vessel head applied to submarine and special type rotating body.


Dingjin also fabricates offshore oil platform, separator internal parts in oil or gas or water service, conical body for beer project, offshore oil skid base.


We have supplied more than 100, 000 pieces dish heads to clients by now, 13 of them are made for key state projects, and 23 of them are made for world top 500 enterprises. The quality and service of products are well received by customers at home and abroad during the working period.



We obtained below enterprise qualification since 2000: Special Equipment Pressure Vessel Manufacture License of Grade A3 and A2; ISO9001 Quality Management System ; China High Tech Enterprise for continuous 9 years; China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels Stationary Pressure Vessel Sub-Committee member;Executive member of China Forging Association;Main editor of Pressure Vessel Heads of China national standard.



Products Features:


1. Extensive specifications

Dish head with 10000mm diameter and 50mm thickness which is the largest dish head made by us with integral spinning technology in past ten years.

Dish head with 6000mm diameter and 300mm thickness which is the largest dish end made by us with integral stamping technology in past ten years.

There is no limitation for diameter when made the dish head , meanwhile, the maximum thickness could be up to 300mm.


2. Special Material

Mature processing experience and technology in carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, dual phase steel, high nickel steel and its composite steel, etc.


3. Complete types

Elliptical dished end, dished end, hemispherical end, spherical crown end, flat bottom end, toriconical end, horn end, segmental end, arc bottom end, boiler furnace end, furnace platform with outer flange and all kinds of axisymmetric body end.


4. Wide range of applications

Our dish heads are widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, smelting, shipbuilding, unclear power, offshore drilling platform, aerospace, water treatment, pharmacy, beer industries and other industries.